Frequently Asked Questions

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International Star Kids Awards (ISKA) is a global platform that celebrates the exceptional talents of children around the world. Our mission is to recognize and appreciate every child’s unique qualities and achievements. At ISKA, we believe that the child and mentors hard work deserves to be celebrated.

Our jury team is looking for qualities that set each child apart, not just the top talents. We encourage parents/mentors to nominate their children for ISKA and give them the opportunity to shine on a global stage. Come join us and celebrate your child’s unique talent with the world!

In addition to the recognition and exposure, the applicant will receive the exclusive ISKA Honers Bundle. This exclusive pack includes a personalized certificate for the Applicant, a Certificate for the Mentor, a trophy to commemorate their achievement, and other special goodies. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate their talent and hard work. This serves as a tangible reminder of their accomplishments and a source of pride. A nominal fee is associated with the ISKA Honers Bundle and Spotlight Bundle.

To nominate, fill up the nomination form provided on our website at

Applicants below 18 years of age at the time of nomination are eligible to apply.

The selection process involves a review of nomination by our jury. The jury will evaluate the nominations based on criteria such as age, talent, uniqueness, impact etc.

Yes, a child can win the award in multiple times as long as they continue to meet the criteria for the category they are applying for.

Each participant can submit their information in one category per application. To participate in more than one category, participants must submit a separate application for each category.

There are more than 20 categories to apply for, however, if you don’t find your category in the nomination form, choose the option “Others” and mention your category for the application.

Results will be declared within 4 weeks via email.

Nomination and evaluation are completely free. If your child’s nomination is shortlisted, you’ll be notified, and at that stage, there will be a processing fee for delivering the Honors or Spotlight Bundle.